Redone Assignments

There were a couple of assignments that I wanted to change up a bit for a better grade before the end of the semester.

First, I fixed up the street sign project.





The biggest flaw with the original was that at a distance, it would be hard to tell what the symbol on the sign was. Being able to recognize the symbol from a distance is a requirement for a good street sign. I went back in Illustrator and thickened up the lines. I think it did help it out some.

I also fixed up my InDesign resume.






I took my professor’s criticisms into consideration and fixed up the spacing. I also added an award I received for a poetry contest earlier this year along with a couple of other tweaks.


Finished Magazine Cover

I finished my magazine cover in class today, and here is the final result:


I added a dark purple to the Juxtapoz logo and a small header for the article titles. It seemed to solve the problems with it I was originally having. Maybe one day I’ll actually be fortunate enough to be on the cover of Juxtapoz!

Magazine Cover Project

For our final project, we have to make a magazine cover using our pen & pixel project (the self-portrait on Photoshop). We also have to find a logo of an actual art magazine, then recreate it using vectors in Adobe Illustrator before putting it all together in InDesign.

This is my work in progress shot:


I think it needs a tough of color, maybe to the Juxtapoz logo. I think it blends into my hair too much since they’re both black.

Resume/Type Study

I’m going to go ahead and post about our next project: creating a resume in InDesign.

To begin our assignment, we have to find the resume of an artist who’s work is within our desired field. I chose Tara McPherson, because I really admire her work and style, along with the kinds of work she has had the opportunity to do. Designing band posters and beer labels along with selling personal work would be my dream job.

Here’s a link to her online resume.